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drop in classesMonday evenings, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
with Kadampa teacher Roland Jones

Friends Meeting House
Lower Park
Bewdley DY12 2DP

Meditations from the Buddhist tradition for everyone. Classes consist of guided meditations and advice on how to use meditation to find calm in our busy daily lives.

Attend the series or drop in for individual classes.

Monday, 27th October - Stability
Day by day it can seem like life is designed to throw us off balance. There is so much to deal with and it can feel like we’re fighting many battles on many fronts. By gathering our mind into a peaceful, empowered state we can free ourselves from this situation and meet the world with stability and joy.

Monday, 3rd November - Clarity
Heavy, foggy minds are endemic in modern society, obscuring the rich experience otherwise available to us. But what if we knew that the underlying nature of our mind is clarity, and what if we had a method for clearing our mental fog so this clarity naturally revealed itself? Methods to do this will be shared in this class.

Monday, 10th November - Motivation
When we lack energy or joyful motive for engaging in life it can seem that our lethargy is fixed and unchangeable. This narrow, rigid mind is challenged and finally removed by meditating on impermanence and the great opportunity that we now have to generate positive, healing minds.

Monday, 17th November - Certainty
Feeling powerless is one cause of frustration and depression. What if we knew that understanding our own mind gives us the power to create a future we truly want to inhabit? With this insight we can live each moment with focus, confidence and joy, knowing with certainty that every action we engage in is a building block of our lasting happiness.

Monday, 24th November - Freedom

Our responses to feeling restricted are normally less than peaceful, but un-peaceful actions only bind us more tightly to our problem. Identifying the internal causes of every fear, restriction and burden allows us to free our mind and, in time, external freedom naturally follows.

Monday, 1st Decmebr - Empathy
Feeling isolated is one of the worst sufferings we experience, it goes directly against our deepest nature and the truth of our interconnectedness with others. Clearing our mind of negativity through meditation allows us to see this interconnectedness, experience a deep empathy and love and banish feelings of isolation forever.

Monday, 8th December - Creativity
Obscuring the creative potential of our mind is perhaps the most harmful deception our negativity plays on us. In truth our minds are the most powerful creative tools that exist; we create our own mental prisons and we create our own freedom. The meditations presented in this class provide the key to unlocking this life changing creative potential.

Facility fee: £6 per class (£3.50 unwaged)

No need to book - just turn up.

Following series of classes will start week beginning 12th January.

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