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Cradley Heath

drop in classesWednesday evenings, 6pm - 6:40pm
Simply Meditate with resident teacher Kelsang Khechog

Thursday evenings, 7:30pm - 9:00pm with resident teacher Kelsang Khechog

Friday mornings, 11:00am - 12:30pm
with Kadampa teacher Harnack Sahota

All classess at Jangchub Ling

Meditations from the Buddhist tradition for everyone. Classes consist of guided meditations and advice on how to use meditation to find calm in our busy daily lives.

Attend the series or drop in for individual classes.

September 3rd/4th/5th - Foundations
In this first class we will explore the power of the mind to create our experience and so begin to establish a firm basis for directing this power in positive directions using our meditation practice.

September 10th/11th/12th - Directing the Mind
As we come to appreciate the power of our mind our wish to direct that power in ways that serve us naturally increases. Take the reigns of your mind using the methods taught here.

September 17th/18th/19th - Opening the Mind
An ability to direct the mind is helpful, but where do we direct it to? Only the inner destination of a peaceful mind can give us the happiness we desire. In this class we will contemplate and apply water tight reasons to give us confidence in our capacity for peace.

September 24th/25th/26th - Positive Desire
There are many positive desires, like the wish to help those we love. This simple class will create the space to explore these wishes and to put energy into following them.

October 1st/2nd/3rd - Delighting in our Inner Life
Life is too short to let depression and fear take us over. Start the journey away from such minds right now and learn to delight in your inner life.

October 8th/9th/10th - Mindfulness
Mindfulness is the life force of meditation practice, allowing us to stay with strong, peaceful minds and protecting us from destructive thoughts. Learn how to develop your own mindfulness in this class.

October 15th/16th/17th - Developing Mental Suppleness
Remember a time when your mind was full of energy and was happy to engage with whatever task you set it to? This experience can be consciously developed by people of any age and we will be doing just that in this class.

Facility fee: £6 per class (£3.50 unwaged)

No need to book - just turn up.

Following series of classes will start week beginning 27th October.

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